Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam (AMC)

The AMC is one of the foremost research institutions in the Netherlands, as well as one of the largest hospitals.  Over 7000 people work here to provide integrated patient care, fundamental and clinical scientific research, and teaching. The AMC complex houses the university hospital and the faculty of medicine of the University of Amsterdam as well as the Emma Children’s Hospital, the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, and the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development. A number of biotech companies (some of which are AMC spin-offs) are also located on the premises. This concentration of expertise makes the center a breeding ground for fruitful scientific collaboration. Some 1500 members of staff are either fully or partially employed in medical research, which is regularly subjected to scrutiny by a panel of international scientists. The AMC fully endorses the principles of the European Charter for Researchers: In addition the AMC hosts the AMC Graduate School that organizes doctorate level academic training of AMC PhD students. At the Laboratory of Experimental Virology, Virus Discovery Unit, fully equipped research labs, two BSL-2 and one BSL-3 laboratory are available. The AMC hosts a sequencing facility with ABI 9700 machines for Sanger sequencing, and a fully operational next generation sequencing laboratory with two Ion Torrent platforms and a MiSeq Illumina system.


Key publications

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Staff involved in HONOURs

Dr. Lia van der Hoek


Dr. Lia van der Hoek (coordinator, WP1-, WP3-, WP7- and WP8-leader) is an expert in virus discovery, human airway epithelia, viral metagenomics, HIV-1, and human coronaviruses. She is head of the Virus Discovery unit and project leader of the Amsterdam Cohort Studies on HIV infection and AIDS. Lia van der Hoek will supervise ESR-1 and ESR-6.

Jos Karlas


Jos Karlas is the project manager of HONOURs and part of the Administration Centre. He will maintain the website, keep an overview of the training schedules, publications, disseminations, arrange travel arrangement of the advisors, and support the coordinator of HONOURs.

Don van Velzen


Don van Velzen is the financial manager of HONOURs and part of the Administration Centre. He will support the coordinator with the financial management of HONOURs and the execution of payments to the  beneficiaries.


Host switching pathogens, infectious outbreaks and zoonosis; a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 721367.